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Hi, my name is Jeff and I am here to let you in one of of the best kept secrets of the healthy lifestyle community: the kale smoothie. With this simple, easy to create food I was able to lose over 60 pounds, improve my general health, and feel better. Through this website I hope to share my experiences with and information on green kale smoothie benefits, as well as kale smoothie recipes and other assorted writings about diet and healthy living.

Kale Smoothie: Top Health Food

Kale Smoothie

To put it simply, kale is probably the most healthful food you could be eating right now. It easily ranks as one of the top three green smoothie ingredients. Although not a panacea, it is easily one of the best foods for both weight loss and overall health. It’s got everything: antioxidants, high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, ridiculous amounts of all sorts of vitamins, lots of fiber… the list goes on. It’s been shown to help prevent cancer, improve cardiac function, reduce cholesterol, regulate inflammation, improve digestive function, and help purify the body of toxins. There really is no single food better for your overall health. There is one catch though.


One of, if not the, most important part of any diet is its sustainability. As wonderful as it would be to have infinite motivation and drive to follow any super strict diet exactly, that’s simply not the case. To succeed in improved health and weight loss through diet, it is essential that foods that are palatable and can be prepared quickly. That’s where the kale smoothie comes in. Not a big fan of the taste of kale? That’s fine. Throw some pineapples and apples in the blender with it and you’ve got a delicious meal. All of the nutritional benefits, none of the hassle. A raw kale smoothie truly is one of the most beneficial overall foods for your health.


My reason for creating this website is to help inform you about the immense benefits of kale smoothies as part of a balanced, tasty, sustainable healthy living diet. Green kale smoothie information, kale preparation, and all information necessary for the creation of this food will also be covered. Far from a “health nut,” I hope simply to share what has worked for me.